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Elemeno Tech is a switching company and bourgeoning IT
powerhouse dedicated in helping organizations with the supply and distribution of digital products.

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Elemeno Tech was born when a group of young and tech-savvy creatives united with a vision of bridging the gap between organizations and consumers through the power of technology. Today, Elemeno Tech remains a pioneer in the technological world, continuing to push the envelope with its veritable and versatile software system and aiding organizations in their digital transaction processes.

Our Values!


Elemeno’s employees are young and modern but also possess an extensive background working with authorized dealers for years in various technical sectors.


At Elemeno Tech, we understand that gaining a foothold in the ever-changing tech industry is synonymous with staying abreast of current trends and being responsive to market changes.


Elemeno Tech is a company of innovation. Our recruitment process does not only focus on hiring the most experienced person in the room but looks more closely at the values instilled in each person in order to preserve our corporate culture.

What We Do


Elemeno Tech’s digital product portfolio includes a wide range of features, all provided at an affordable price and with proactive support. Whether it’s internet data plans, mobile phone credits or TV subscriptions, Elemeno Tech will work with you to create a convenient plan that works with your timeline and help you digitize your transactions so that you can easily check, purchase and refill through our accessible and secure dashboard and monitoring system.

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Our Clients


I am so grateful for the opportunity. As a fast-growing tech startup, Elemeno Tech continuously innovates and takes giant leaps forward, which in turn motivates and challenges me to improve my capabilities, knowledge and competence to keep up with the company’s growth. It is such a rewarding environment to be in as I am able to directly see how my efforts are contributing positively to the company. Elemeno Tech also has a pleasant working environment where I am constantly surrounded by intelligent and hardworking individuals. The people here are always willing to share their experiences and transfer their knowledge to support the growth of their colleagues. I’ve learned so much through my time here and really value the close sense of kinship between divisions!

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I had the opportunity to rotate around multiple divisions. In each of these divisions, I faced different challenges. For example, I did not have any prior working experience when I first joined, but through my time in the company, I was able to work with a cooperative team that was willing to include me in their discussions and brainstorming sessions. Together, we were able to come up with innovative solutions together. That’s what I love about Elemeno Tech – there isn’t a rift between superiors and subordinates. Instead, there’s mutual respect and a sense of family and kinship. We also have a flexible and relaxed environment as long as we maintain focus and achieve our required targets.

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From the get-go, my impression of Elemeno Tech is that the people here are relaxed, comfortable and tight-knit. Superiors are firm but also friendly and caring towards their subordinates. We have a really good work-life balance here thanks to our philosophy of “not bringing our work home.” Instead, work is completed and left at the office so that it won’t become a heavy burden and disrupt our quality time with our family. Elemeno Tech’s office is also comfortable, clean and has a range of facilities such as a gym and a pool so that employees can stay healthy and fit. It’s obvious, through simple things like these, that Elemeno Tech cares about their employees’ well-being. Although it has only been a while since its inception, Elemeno Tech is growing rapidly. Long live Elemeno Tech!

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